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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grey Knights * Return of the Gun Line

Midrange Superiority
If you have looked at any of the recent lists I've posted here you'll see that they all feature lots of stormbolters, psycannons and psybolt ammunition. Basically I see Grey Knights as a mobile gun line which is the style I used to play back in 4th edition with vanilla Space Marines. The advantage of Grey Knights is they can move and shoot (midrange). The main disadvantage is Grey Knights don't have as much in the way of long range firepower. There is the option for the rifleman dread/ven dread which could really help a lot with their option to take a pair of twin linked autocannons plus psybolt ammo... The rifleman is not appealing to me though because I like my dreadnaughts to have some form of close combat weapon. If you like riflemen then I think they can really fill a big hole in the army. The ven dread while pricy is very nice mainly due to BS5. All the dreads have re inforced aegis which is pretty darn good versus nasty stuff like lash.

The nice thing about Grey Knights as a mobile gun line is you have lots of tricks up your sleeve such as being able to outflank up to d3 units (I prefer this tactic for the Dreadknight over the first turn scout move - psychological deterrent) or using the Librarian to gate units where you need them. The Grand Master also has the ability to manipulate your reserve rolls. So I think there is the potential for lots of strong tactics using a mobile gun line approach to building your army.

Mobile Bunkers
My lists include a rhino and a pair of razorbacks to augment the gun line. I think it is always good to have a few rolling bunkers to screen your infantry. Keep them cheap is my philosophy. Transports are a new option for Grey Knights and I think it's advantageous to take a few. This element helps to provide some of the inherent advantages in playing a mech style list. If you want you can play a completely mechanized army but then your army is going to be even smaller and that is why I currently only plan to use three.

Rapid Assault Force
There is the ability to build an army that is an assault force using the Stormraven. I have used this approach for Blood Angels - while it can work well it would be dull for me to build another army around this same principle. I like mixing jump infantry and dreadnaughts with the Stormraven but don't want to go the same route with Grey Knights. I think it will be nice to be able to field an army designed to shoot first then assault.

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