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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Blood Angels Death Star for Ard Boyz

Here is my current Blood Angels deathstar I have been messing around with lately:

5x Death Company/jump packs, 4x power weapon, power fist & infernus pistol
Death Company dreadnaught/heavy flamer
Stormraven/extra armor, twin linked lascannon, twin linked multi-melta

Remember that if the gunship moves 12" or less then the DC dreadnaught can disembark for 2", fleet up to 6" & then assault another 6" - that's a grant total of 26"!

This bundled unit has come about based upon playtesting & talking to others. I fondly refer to it as the BBF pattern DC unit. It can drop just about any unit including a large squad of Thunderwolves lead by a Wolf Lord with Saga of hte Bear. That's really saying something too. I am not an advocate of Blood Talons because the good old DCCW can instagib TWC & you have a huge advantage versus other walkers.

The beauty of the Stormraven is you can deliver this unit right where you want it.

My second unit is Astrorath leading a squad of Sanguinary Guard (chapter banner, 2x infernus pistol & power fist) with a Librarian Furioso. The mechanized psyker has Blood Lance & Wings of Sanguinius. The SG unfortunately don't benefit from FNP but they can also cut through just about anything. The BBF patterned DC are the heavy hitters though for sure.

I encourage others to try out these units. They are tons of fun!



The_King_Elessar said...

Those things, though, are pretty much a 2k list alone.

Don't you suffer from fragility only deploying 2 things?

Green Blow Fly said...

If you add up everything including the second bundled unit with Astorath the total is around 1600 points so at 2000 points you still have enough points left over for a sanguinary priest leading a five man assault squad in another Stormraven with a regular dreadnaught. Three stormravens is not bad.


The_King_Elessar said...

Hmm, indeed. Interesting. I'd certainly like to test it myself, but I'm not paying the cost of a day's work to convert up up a single Stormraven.

Green Blow Fly said...

I guess I am lucky to have friends that will let me use proxies to playtest new units. I believe you play eldar so I think you could appreciate what a stormraven brings to the table. In my opinion it's better than a landraider except for the fact that armor 14 is so resilient. The stormraven does reduce a meltagun to 1d6 penetration though. Blood Angels used to be one of the fastest armies in the game (except for dark eldar) and speed is a powerful weapon. You can play Blood Angels again as a very fast army, which is according to their original background. Remember that Gav Thorpe wrote their 3ed codex... It all starts to make a lot of sense... Well to me anyways.


明NathanA_Schulle said...
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