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Saturday, May 29, 2010

2k pt batrep - BA vs. SW

I wanted to post a batrep for my 2000 points BA army I am currently running. I love the army for what it is. One shot from a Vindicator could toast the army but Blood Angels have huge balls so I have to say what the heck! :p

Here is my current list I am working with:


15x Death Company & Lemartes/jump packs + 5x power fist, infernus pistol
5x assault Marine/jump packs, meltagun, thunderhammer & stormshield

Chaplain/jump pack, infernus pistol
2x Sanguinary Priest/jump packs, infernus pistols & power weapons

Stormraven/extra armor, TL multi-melta, TL lascannon

I have had mixed results with Sanguinor but I really love to use him as he is lots & lots of fun. Enough boltguns will kill him dead but what the heck, he is very Killy & a blast to play so I will stick with him.

Here is my opponent's army:

Wolf Lord/thunderwolf mount, runic armor, wolf tooth necklace, thunderhammer & stormshield
Wolf Priest

5x Wolfguard terminator/2x thunderhammer, cyclone missile launcher, 2x wolf claws, 2x stormshield

10x Grey Hunter/Wulfen, 2x plasmagun, powerfist - rhino
10x Grey Hunter/Wulfen, meltagun, plasmagun, powerfist - rhino

Long Fangs/2x plasma cannon, 3x missile launcher
Long Fangs/3x missile launcher, 2x lascannon

3x Thunderwolves/stormshields, wolf claw, meltabombs

Here is the mission:

Deployment - 18" in from long table edge, 12" from short table edges

Objective - Killpoints

I won the roll & decided to go first. I held everything in reserve with the following groupings:

Dante + Lemartes + Sanguinary Priest + Death Company

Sanguinor + Stormraven

Assault squad + Chaplain + Sanguinary Priest

My opponent deployed his entire army in a castle with the Thunderwolves & his Wolf Priest/termies in the landraider right smack dab in the middle. They can pretty much hit anything I charge as counter assault elements.

First Turn - BA
All my army is in reserves.

First Turn - SW
They spread out a bit and hold tight.

Second Turn - BA
None of my units come in except for Sanguinor in his pimp ride. The Stormraven floats in 6" outside of his ranged AT and I light up the landraider with 4 Bloodstrike missiles. One missile glances & immoblizes the landraider.

Second Turn - SW
Again my opponent holds the line.

Third Turn - BA
In comes Dante with friends plus the assault squad. Dante lands his combined unit beside the plasma toting Long Fangs while the assault squad drops in safely behind cover. Shooting sees the Long Fangs blown off the table. Sanguinor rides up in his Stormraven moving flatout. Shooting the multi-melta destroys one of the SW rhinos and the Grey Hunters take some losses from the ensuing explosion. 

3rd Turn - SW
The Thunderwolves move up in position to charge Dante & friends. The Wolf Priest & terminators disembark ready to counter charge. The remaining rhino pulls up & the Grey Hunters also disembark ready to blaze away into the huge DC. Combined shooting into the DC kills four and Lemartes takes a wound. The Thunderwolves charge in but the Wolf Priest & WG termies just fall short. Dante & Lemartes combine to drop one Thunderwolf & the other two both take a wound. Combined attacks from the DC drop the rest of the Thunderwolves then the power fists & Wolf Lord swing simo... 3 more dead DC Marines & the power fist attacks kill the Wolf Lord. Dante & friends consolidate toward the SW line.

4th Turn - BA
Sanguinor dismounts ready to charge the Grey Hunters fallen out of the destroyed rhino. Dante & friends move into position to shoot & assault Wolf Priest & termies. Assault squad moves in to shoot & assault the other Grey Hunter squad embarked in the rhino encircling it. Stormraven explodes the rhino. Dante & friends wipe out Wolf Priest & termies with shooting & assault. Sanguinor kills over half the Grey Hunter squad on the charge. Landraider & One pack of Long Fangs are still left and get toasted over the next two turns.

Win for BA.


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