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Sunday, November 22, 2009

BOLTER BEACH GT • June 2010 • Sarasota, FL

•Flames of War

Myself and my good friend Yuri the Devil will be running a huge GT down here in Florida next summer. Yuri has successfully run both Hurricon and Recon for the past five years now. I have run two successful GTs in North Carolina. We will have Brandon Palmer from GMM Studios as our painting judge. You can expect 50 tables each for both 40k and Fantasy.

The event will be held right across the street from the airport and there are hotels in short walking distance. Sarasota is the home of Stephen King and has some of the world's most beautiful beaches. If you bring your family Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World are all only an hour away.

You can expect a reasonable price for admission too. We will see to it that everyone has a great time too! I am also working with GW to have this added to their circuit for 2010. With both the Necromicon and the Big Waaagh out this will definitely be the BIG event in the southeast for 2010.


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