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Monday, May 07, 2018

Assassin - Part 42 - NeôTęrræ (M51)

Assassin - Part 42 - NeôTęrra (M51)

The black Thunderhawk slowly descended on VTOL. There was no insignia or any markings on the exterior of the gunship. It spun around as it sank down, all weapon systems armed and tracking on full auto. The jets screamed like angered banshees as the landing gear dropped in place just prior to contact with the primordial surface. It was dawn and the crimson sun crested above the soft cerulean sky like a burning orb spat from some ancient forgotten Titan. Here lay the last remains of the palace of Terra. A side hatch of the Thunderhawk spilled open falling hard against the cracked stone beneath it. Statues cut from basalt of gigantic anthropomorphic beasts laid toppled and utterly ruined. The air was crisp and fresh. Dense wild green foliage sprang up in the cracks snaking deep into the ruins. Only the cornerstone of the palace remained having been hewed from a heavy metal ore taken from a meteorite found at one of the frozen poles. The deeply chiseled original Gothic script was unreadable having been totally defaced and in turn the traitorous runes stamped over the venerable script had simply faded away.

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