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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Assassin - Part 27 - When Monsters Collide

Two squads of Black Templars dropped from the dark sky using their jump packs to slow their descent. The air was acrid and burning coals blazed around the high Temple. They landed beside a rocky outcrop then waited. The Castellan Oathsbane fitted a pair of magnifiers to his visor and slowly scanned the immediate area. There was no sign of any life outside the black chapel. Rows upon rows of skulls had been nailed to the outer walls and large pieces of flesh parchment inked with forbidden script flapped in the hot wind. The magnifiers automatically zoomed in showing an open doorway before them but the Castellan could not see past the darkened ingress. Shadows played upon the ground like wild ghosts. "Move in." he ordered over the encrypted vox channel. Slowly and carefully the Templars came out from behind the boulders spreading out to surround the front side.

Two more squads had dropped in from behind the Temple taking the rear side. They could all hear the treacherous wind blow, stirring black soot and burnt ash. "Both insertion teams are in place." said the other Castellan Stronum.

"Be wary. This world is seeping in the warp." came a reply. "You stand before the Templum Inficio."

"I smell taint, treachery and many unseen things defiled." said Oathsbane as he armed his combi melta and activated his thunder hammer. A quick burst lit their thrusters and then they stood before the open Temple doors. "Non enim veni ut daemonium interficere." said Sanguinius standing behind them. "Urizen I can smell your deceit within this desecrated Mission, it betrays your abysmal presence. The time for meditation is over now. You must pay for your many sins against our father and the Imperium."

Something stirred within... a gigantic form covered in blazing red armor appeared from deep within the Temple. It carried a huge Crozius held in one hand. "It is I my fallen brother, returned from the black void and newly arisen."

"You are nothing more than a crazed apparition." came a hoarse voice then a deep laugh of contempt reverberated within the inner walls. "What is dead shall remain dead, so mote it be."

"Death comes to all, and it is your time now." the Angel replied. "You were always the weakest, always vainly seeking to show prowess that simply never existed. What I see is but a malignant canker." Sanguinius spat acid bile upon the floor burning the cobblestones.

"Drop that hood and show your face. This will not be easy for you." said Lorgar.

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