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Monday, September 04, 2017

Assassin - Part 26 - Drachyen

Sanguinius watched as the daemon sword fell from the open gauntlet of the Archfiend. His long razor sharp fangs extended sinking deep into the exposed pulsing vein. The blood tasted bitter and tainted. Sanguinius drank deep exhuming Abaddon of every drop then he drove the Black Sword into the Archfiend's skull piercing the brain pan and obliterating the grey matter. Drachyen screamed as the daemon blade unfolded materializing back into real space unbound. It bristled with steely spikes taking form again after a millennium of servitude. The daemon screamed realizing its freedom. Sanguinius drew back striking the daemon vessel as it finished forming. Drachyen screamed with an ear splitting shrill shrugging off the initial attack. The Blood Angel reached out with his free gauntlet catching the daemon by a burly shoulder and hurled it back against the back wall.

Drachyen fleshed out extending its many limbs. The Templars unleashed their bolters and combi weapons firing at point blank range then Sanguinius attacked again leading the charge. Chainswords unlimbered then power axes struck into the daemon hide and finally power fists rained down. The daemon cried out as the Black Sword pierced it cutting through the the flesh metal. Again the Blood Angel attacked thrashing the gigantic daemon with a closed fist to its gaping maw. Limbs snapped away as the Black Sword struck repeatedly piercing deep into the daemon vessel.

Oathsbane charged in headlong striking with his Thunder Hammer. Daemonic ectoplasm reached out grasping at the Templar. Sanguinius intervened shearing away the reaching limbs as the Black Sword struck hard. "A millennium of service has wrecked you." he said as he drove the tip of Excalibur deep into the daemon flesh and ignited the blade. The Templars watched in silence as the great beast exploded into nothingness.

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