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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Assassin - Part 6 - Templars Attack !!!

Warning klaxons erupted within the large holding bay screaming like maddened crowds at a public execution thirsty for brutality. The Librarian Ares flipped a series of glowing red runes on the command console silencing the beacons. "The Vain Glory is surounded on all sides by the xenos fleet. There will be no retreat which was never the Templar way. Prepare for battle." said Ares calmly as he donned his helm, the fitted neck piece sliding seamlessly into the top of tactical dreadnaught armor. The seals whirred in place isolating him from the contained atmosphere of the ship. Breathing in deep the Templar smelled the fresh scrubbed sir stored within his suit of dense armor. His left hand culled into a fist as Ares activated the snub nosed combi melta bolted onto his bulging forearm. Next he drew his force stave from against the wall gripping it tightly in both fists. He silently mouthed the ancient spell igniting the end of the staff which terminated into a sharp piece of molten rock. "While these vile xenos are not from the intended eldar craftworld we must settle for this tainted lot. If divine fortune should look upon us and the Emperor is willing this can serve as a preemptive strike."

A large group of Huscarls wearing terminator armor formed tightly around Ares in a circle of protection. The chieftain was armed with long lightning claws and brandished them striking the tips across each other in a raking motion drawing hot blue sparks. The others were armed with storm shields and thunder hammers. Their livery was bright lemon yellow armor plates and dull black helms, some crested with coarse black bristling horse hair. Rubies were embedded below their eye lenses simulating tear drops.

Teams of tactical veteran Marines broke into groups of combat squads one after another staged behind short armored gun walls for protection. Pointy spikes jutted out from the gun walls offering defense from xenos melee. Uraxes, an ancient Leviathan dreadnaught, was covered in pitch black plate with one pure white Templar cross embossed upon a pauldron jostled towards Ares and his bodyguard of Huscarls. One huge arm terminated into a huge siege drill while the other had a wrecking claw.

"I sense the eldar are drawn to the pod wherein lies Project Ark Angel, sealed in a deep autonomic state. The assassin is to be protected at all times." commanded Ares as he looked over to spy the dark pod. The terminus hatch was bolted shut and the viewing panes had gone deep umber cloaking the assassin within.

Suddenly the air grew turbulent and icy cold. Patches of hoar frost crept up the plasteel walls coating the protruding bolted studs. "Prepare to counter the invasion." Ares said. The confined atmosphere coalesced as a series of shimmering light waves began to take shape dancing across the floor. A small webway portal blossomed open as the Templars watched intently. Eldar Wraithguard began to spill out from the sudden opening, some brandishing axes while others carried long barreled Wraith Cannons. "Release the Phosphex." Ares gave the order. The heinous gas began to flow from nozzles mounted in the ceiling. Every Marine and terminator were wearing their helmets and the veterans all wore suits of hardened armor.

Uraxes crashed into the first group of Wraithguard before they could lift their guns to fire. The claw and drill easily cut through the tall constructs leaving nothing but smeared waste. Another portal opened behind the Ancient. Eldar Guardians armed with fusion guns unleashed a blazing salvo into its back side, however the ceramite plates held firm absorbing the short range attack. The Guardians then began to falter and stumble as the Phosphex ate away their exposed flesh. They could not help but scream in pain as their flesh melted away revealing muscle and bone. Ares watched the pain paint their faces as the Guardians tore off their helmets gulping in the venomous poison. They collapsed into a pool of dark sludge.

Firing their bolters with pinpoint accuracy one Veteran after another took aim targeting the weak points of the Wraithguards' psychoplastic Wraithbone armor. One Templar armed with a heavy bolter fired a salvo point blank into the Spirit Seer exploding its helmet like an over ripened piece of fruit. The Ghost Warriors seemed to stumble for a moment following the death of their mortal leader. The miniature rockets erupted from the Templar bolters struck home blasting apart limb and joints. Uraxes swept into the remainder catching one in its claw crushing the Wraithguard into a pulp.

More portals erupted releasing several waves of Howling Banshees. Their armor was intact upon entry into real space protecting them from the deadly Phosphex gas. Their scream was deafening as they quickly leapt across the holding bay circling around the Librarian and his Huscarls. Ares mouthed a spell drawing upon the warp. Bales of brilliant fire exploded from the tip of his stave momentarily blinding the Banshees. "Templars attack!" shouted the Librarian. The Chieftain was the first to strike shredding the Exarch with a violent twist. His claws elongated piercing through the weak armor plate. The Exarch split apart into many neat segments as the claws split her in twain. Thunder hammers came pummeling down smashing the rest into mush before even one Banshee could strike back.

Bolts of frigid lightning flashed across the holding bay as a group of eldar began to materialize. They were all tall and covered from head to toe in jet black suits of Wraithbone armor that sparkled under the dim light from the glow globes. Their helmets were long and erupted into tall crests studded with gemstones and bits of precious metal. Each Seer carried a staff. Bolters erupted again as they came solid but bounced off an invisible kine shield protecting them from the ranged attack. "I bring a warning." spoke the tallest Seer amplifying his voice via the warp. "The creature you protect will bring ruin to untold numbers if left to live. I can feel its vile life force flowing through the crate." The Farseer pointed his staff towards the pod. "We will dedicate every life from our craftworld if necessary to cancel it here and now. There is no escape for you Monkeigh."

"We will take every eldar life we can." Ares replied as he and his retinue slowly stepped towards the Seer Council. "That which you seek to destroy is incapable of any damage. You are on a fool's errand."

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