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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Assassin - Part 6 - Survivor

Corax swept down from the crumbling broken pillar embedding a claw into one of the last of the surviving Iron Warriors. The tips of the claw burst through the dirty power armor impaling the traitor. The middle claw tore into vertebrae severing the stem from the skull socket momentarily ending the abrupt pain. Blood and bile split from the traitor's lip steaming over broken teeth. "I can quickly end the pain if you tell me what I want to know." said the Raven Guard Primarch.

"There's nothing to tell you don't already know..." more blood and clumps of phlegm were coughed up by the prone Iron Warrior splattering his chest plate.

Corax ever so slightly withdrew the tip of the middle claw. The pain came crashing back and it felt staggering. "Wait... " he coughed as his body went into a series of violent spasms. Tears fell from his eyes blurring the traitor's vision. "What is it you want to know?" Corax inserted the tip again.

"There have reports of an Imperial agent acting alone. What can you tell me about it?'

The Iron Warrior felt one of his lungs collapsing and a heart had seized up. He ran his tongue over his broken teeth spitting out the last of the clots so he could breathe. "There was an assassin... " His breathing was extremely shallow now and dark spots began to form before his eyes.

"Go on." said the Primarch through gritted teeth.

"There were several attempts to catch the assassin but they all failed... the last attempt was just over a day ago." One of his eyes had gone blind as he involuntarily shivered impaled upon the long sharp claws. His mouth grew dry. "The assassin put them all to a sword it took from stone."

"Tell me more about the sword." growled Corax.

The traitor could hear the other two protracted claws slowly slicing through his lower body severing tendons and limbs like a pair of surgical drills. His smaller intestines split out like wet rope from a rupture in his broken power armor. "It was a black sword... that's what I was told." He began to spasm again, his body tearing itself apart trapped upon the entwined claws. He felt cold and numb now. "That's all I know."

"Do you feel fear?" Corax asked the dying traitor then he beheaded the Iron Warrior with his other set of matched claws. The skull made a clunking sound as it bounced along the broken flag stone coming to a stop beside the dead body of the other survivor. Corax brought down a boot sole hard crushing the skull into a bloody pulp.

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