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Blood Vow

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Assassin - Part 3 - The Flensing

Sub Commander Kroll removed his helm revealing a severely scarred face with sections of melted flesh and poorly stitched flaps of rotten skin. His lips had been cut away revealing his long incisors. The flesh on his neck was scalded and scaly. His retinue involuntary cringed at the sight of his marred flesh. "By now it should come as no surprise an Imperial assassin is running amok through our company." He gnashed his teeth and spit black bile through the gaps. "The assassin must be found and made an example to everyone. This is your utmost priority."

Kroll's first Lieutenant Hasor rose. "Research has shown the Imperial assailant has certain attributes from various temples such as Eversor and Cullexus. We are conducting sweeps throughout our company but so far the assassin has eluded us."

Kroll motioned to Hasor indicating he should sit again. "Watch this vid carefully." The main screen dropped down and activated. There upon the screen lay the dormant bodies of three dead Legionnaires. Their silvered armor had been removed. They were bound, gagged and tied. Fingers and toes had been amputated and their eyes dug out from the sockets. Their skins had been peeled away all over revealing muscle, tendon and bones. Some of the limbs were broken back in unnatural angles befitting the uber violent act. Dried blood was splashed against the walls coating the area. Their heads had been cleanly severed all three hanging upside down from chained hooks attached to the ceiling. A stem of broken vertebrae stoke out from the open necks. Some ancient language so vile as to cause trauma upon immediate sight had been worked into the smeared blood. They all looked away then the screen folded back up into the ceiling again.

"This is the work of a sick mind." said Kroll. "The assassin must be terminated if we are to succeed here in this war with the Raven Guard. Get to your tasks."

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