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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Assassin - Part 2, Decoder

Sitting beside the cypher terminal the savant silently awaited orders. The Commandant of the Sons of Horus detachment removed his helmet placing the mic to his neck then began to dictate orders. Seamlessly the savant began to code the message and transmit over the encrypted communications channel. The stratagems meant nothing to him but still his entry was flawless, an Iron Warriors dawn raid would be executed in several hours as originally planned. The Honor Guard of the Commandant stood at point bolters trained into open space.

There came the gentle sound of a creak within the tight confines of the enclosure. One of the Honor Guard gagged as the tight razor wire garret slipped around his armored neck and cut into the piece slicing into the skin. Before anyone could react the helmet hit the deck. Hot blood gushed out spraying the wall behind the dead traitor. The assassin's needle pistol slipped out from the black leather holster stitching well aimed shots into the lenses of the remaining Honor Guard. Cutting through the polished exterior the razor shards entered their brains equally killing them as well.

"Hello." said the assassin in perfect Chonthic pitch. He reached out catching the Commandant by the neck and broke the vertebrae with a quick twist of the wrists. Carefully he dropped the dead weight from the chair then sat down beside the savant eyeing him carefully through the open sockets of his skull mask. He took the mic attaching it to his larynx then began to continue the orders.

"I apologize for the interruption but I have just been informed of an immediate change of plans." The assassin repeated the code word then continued. "The dawn raid has been cancelled. It is in our best interests to let the Raven Guard continue forward into a more vulnerable position. Your next orders will be transmitted at oh seven hundred hours. Hail Horus the Warmaster."

The assassin then gave a hand signal to terminate transmission and the savant interrupted the link. Slowly the assassin drew forth the needle pistol placing the muzzle against the right temple of the savant then squeezed the trigger.

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