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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Horus Heresy Tactica - Allied Blood Angels

This might be a repeat article but one well worth repeating and this time I'll try my best to provide more detailed information.

Adding an allied detachment to your main force is a good method to spice up your army and shore up some abilities. I've always been a big fan of Blood Angels and love what they've got so far for the Horus Heresy. While Blood Angels as a Legion do not have a full set of rules yet with special characters and special units they do have their own Leguon rules and some special wargear, both of which are full on win ! I have built the following allied detachment to fight along side my Templars:

Consul - Chaplain (Hatred, Fearless & Fear)
Jump Pack - Artificer Armor - Inferno Pistol - Melta Bombs - Blade of Perdition

Jump Pack - Power Sword

9x Assault Marine - Jump Packs - Power Axe - Power Sword
Sergeant - Jump Pack - Artificer Armor - Inferno Pistol - Melta Bombs - Power Fist

Leviathan Dreadnaught
Ceramite Armor - Extra Armor - Phosphex Discharger - Grav Flux Bombard - Siege Claw w. Built-In Meltagun - 2x Assault Cannon
Dreadnaught Drop Pod

Note that I run a Knight-Errant as an HQ for Templars with a jump pack and narcethium who joins the combined BA squad (Chaplain, Apothecary and Assault Marines). They can deep strike together, do not scatter and can only be snap fired by the enemy the turn after they arrive... so you can put them in a key location and they are very survivable. The Knight-Errant is also a level 2 psyker whom I use to cast blessings on my Templars. The Blood Angels combined infantry unit are actually designed to hunt armor primarily rather than melee versus enemy combat units. Of course being jump infantry they are very fast which combines well with my Templars. They can pick off weaker enemy units such as tactical Marines if need be.

We all know just how great is the Leviathan now - he comes down turn one and is a dakka monster the first turn... more so with the pair of assault cannons.

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