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Monday, January 02, 2017

Black Vengeance - Part 17 - Eagle and the Serpent

The binary sun had set casting twilight distilled beams of umber hue across the sunken horizon. The dead littered the ground piled high stacked up on top of each other. A few close to death gasped their last few breaths then were silent as the wind began to howl. On either side stood the survivors, each a mixed lot formed from the various Legions. Hardened veterans from Ivstann clutched at their chainswords and bolters staring across the open ground.

Overhead a gigantic form shaped like an ancient beast of war descended slowly shaded obsidian black flicked in speckled bronze and hard dark dried blood. The Kyhbardis assault claw blast burning flame from its massive exhaust pipes scorching the dead... no respect or remorse for those that has served the cause. The last of the living quickly scattered like rats moving towards hard cover. The craft settled down opening its ceramite plated orifice from its underside. One after another black clad Justearin leapt down unlimbering their weapons. One towered above the rest unmasked showing his pale scarred face. One limb terminated in a huge power fist and he carried a long fractal edged sword in his free gauntlet. The Justearin bowed on one knee then rose again scanning the immediate vicinity.

Their came a shrieking rumble as a black Spartan lumbered into view. Dark Templar crosses covered the assault ramps. Skulls taken from recently slain Heretics chained across both sides hanging down swung back and forth. Its quad lascannon arrays swung in training on the assault claw then the ramp fell open. A single warrior emerged from the darkness within the tank. Clad from head to toe in a suit of stark black artificer armor... no other color not even a shade. The helm visor split across the brunt face plate black as well. A long black sword was strapped across his back, the hilt rising behind him like a striking serpent. "So we finally meet here and now." said Sigismund the Emperor's Champion.

"So we do." answered Abbadon the Despoiler. "So we do."

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