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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adepticon 40k Championship 2011

Well the guys up in Chicago have put together a great two day format this year and I'll be there bringing my Blood Angels DoA list. Each mission has three objectives so it's pretty hard to get a bad matchup (knock on wood... Hee!). Armies are 1850 points which put a bit of a crimp in my style as I prefer 2000 points. It's not a big deal though and I have been play testing my list for the championship quite a bit since Genghis Con. I've made a few small tweaks that really have helped the army overall versus heavily mechanized lists such as Imperial Guard.

My only real concern is having to play against horde armies as they can really slow the game down quite a bit unfortunately... The last two big tournaments I played I got knocked out of the top spot versus Tyranids (draw) then orks (minor loss)... If either game had gone an extra turn I could have won it all... The first game versus Nids we only got through four turns and the second game versus orks we only got through five turns; both events were at least six turns per round so not being able to play an extra turn or two really is an advantage for hordes versus small elite SM armies. Neither of my opponents were slow playing on purpose - it's just that large armies consisting of over 100 models take such a long time each turn to move, shoot and assault. I'm not worried about it though and have since developed some special strategies to deal with both orks and Tyranids if I should have to face either. Knowing my luck I'll probably have to play against both over the course of the weekend... * wink *

I'm sure there will be some dark eldar armies there and I think with the new codex out now in the hands of the right player they should be a true challenge. I've got a few tricks up my sleeves for them as well... Again no worries here in that regard.

I'll be running a pure jump army - at 1850 points the Stormraven/dreadnaught combination can really eat up the points fast. There are definitely some awesome advantages to running a pure jump list and like I said I've been practicing quite a bit. As I said in the opening each mission has three objectives - whoever wins the most objectives wins the game. This type of format really helps a lot to level the playing field and I don't think your typical MSU armies such as razorspam SW or mech IG will have a huge advantage over other armies.

I know there will be a lot of other top players there and I'm looking forward to the challenge. It's going to be a great time win or lose! One of the best things about attending Adepticon is spending time with friends from across the country. I'm only playing in the championship this year so I'll have a lot more time to hang out and chat.


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