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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Extermantius Part 6

The Ancient looked straight at the Patriarch as he drew his chainswords one after another. His Pariah seed flooded the area shutting down the monster’s psychic energies. Arghus gathered himself beside the giant, his blade glinting as the sentient power rippled across the fractured edge. The sprawl continued between the new adversaries, Marine versus Pure Strain. Lifting his left gauntlet the Ancient fired a cluster of smoke grenades into their midst. "Now." said Tyrion the Ancient as he charged into the fray.

His chainswords revved hacking into the thick exoskeleton sawing at the weak points. Brother Arghus drove the tip of his sword straight through the Patriarch’s abdomen erupting out the back side. The tide had turned. Drawing upon their auto senses the Deathwatch struck hard and fast in the blackness then they all converged.

Outside the ruins the xenos tide suddenly retreated as smoke poured through the openings of the ruins. The Kill Team reassembled stepping over the dead as their leader emerged into the open ground. "There is no death of hope here. There is only your hope for death."

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