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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Assassin - Part 44 - NęóTęrrá

The black void hardened assault claws spiraled out from the Templar barge launch bay across the open space. Melta barrels fired in unison cutting through the outer barriers of the space hulk. In perfect unison vast multitudes of Templars spilled through the sudden gaps breaching the derelict ancient vessel. They were immediately met with hateful resistance as a host of gaunts poured into the surrounding breaches. First a wave of flamers spat molten promethium instantly vaporizing the clawing xenos horde then chainswords rained down carving through the thin exoskeleton shells. Bolt pistols fired at point blank range decimating the first wave. Orpheus spoke through the vox "Suffer not the alien to live."

Broods of genestealers emerged from the seams of the rent bulkhead to engage them. They struck hard carving through armor, cleaving through bone and organs. A fresh wave of Templars spilled into the endless scrum attacking their backside. Again bolters fired clearing out a free zone separating themselves from the newly dead. The Templars were fully committed swarming into the interior of the hulk.

Orpheus stepped into open ground brandishing the Hellblade. He and his hand picked retinue of veterans charged into the next rank of Tyranids carving through them with ease. The daemon blade screamed as it split apart torsos and rent limbs. Soon the floor was thick with sticky dark ichor running into the broken cracks. Screaming back a fresh wave of genestealers charged at them. Frag grenades rippled through the fetid air exploding into the alien biomass. Again the Champion lead his team forward surrounding by more Templars. They struck hard and fast maintaining the initiative.

Spilling down from the ceiling more Tyranids rained down upon them. Something enormous lurked behind the seemingly endless brood. Pulling the pins of their frag grenades the Templars released a storm of shrapnel at point blank range. Some of them died in the immediate blast but they were freed again.

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