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Monday, March 05, 2018

Assassin - Part 38 - Final Genesis

Orpheus emerged from the breach to see a cluster of Word Bearers close by firing their bolters at a squad of Templars breaking from rocky cover. A standard bearer held the sign of the bright crimson Templar cross above his black helm as they engaged the traitors. Unlimbering the Hellblade Orpheus struck from the rear. The daemon weapon sliced through the enemies’ tainted armor with ease eviscerating those closest. He felt their very essence absorbed by the razor edge as it sliced through flesh and bone binding him to the Hellblade. His brothers rushed into the fight to join him swinging their chainswords with willful abandon. One by one Orpheus struck down the enemy until none were left standing. The daemon weapon growled as it ate the souls of the Word Bearers then seemed to purr sated by their death. Looking down upon the defeated he saw the enemy had been sluiced into many severed pieces, shorn bone glistened as the blood spilled upon the stony soil. Orpheus had never felt stronger.

"Brother Orpheus." said the standard bearer. "We came looking for you."

"The Word Bearers are allied with the darkness but we were born into the abyss, it molded us." the Templar replied.

"Yes." said Corvus the standard bearer. "We are forged from a stronger ore. This universe is a living hell. We must return now."

Orpheus gripped hands with Corvus. "Lead the way."

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