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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What level of cheese is okay for tournaments

The title is a literal question.

The Las Vegas Open had one super cheesy army reaching the final eight that caught my eye... It was an Imperial Guard army with the Inquisition featuring nine Thudd guns and three Sabre platforms on top of a Skyshield with a Lord Commissar protected by a blob with the man Coteaz (you don't want to risk getting seized on, right?) and another Inquisitor sporting everyone's favorite grenades—psykotropic and rad. If you decide to charge the blob then good luck... They will first shower you with their psykotropic grenades—just hope you don't step on your dick on the way in to greet them... they are always ready to say hello in a big way. There was also three Vendettas carrying cheap scoring units for extra killing power and the late game objective grabs - not quite as reliable as Necrons but these scoring units can always paratroop if push comes to shove. This was a really nasty list thanks to our good friends at Forge World and the Inquisition (may the Emperor always bless them). Oh and by the way the second Inquisitor had some servo skulls on hand so don't even think about scouting up on the blob.

Here is the army list:

Imperial Guard (Primary Detachment)

Lord Commissar

Infantry Platoon -

Platoon Command Squad (embarked in Vendetta)
• 10x Guardsmen (embarked in Vendetta)
• 9x Infantry w. Autocannon, Sergeant - Power Axe
• 9x Infantry w. Autocannon, Sergeant - Power Axe
• 9x Infantry w. Autocannon, Sergeant - Power Axe
• 9x Infantry w. Autocannon, Sergeant - Power Axe
• 3x Sabre Platform (TL Lascannon)

10x Veterans w/ 1x Flamer (embarked in Vendetta)

Vendetta w/ 3x TL Lascannon
Vendetta w/ 3x TL Lascannon
Vendetta w/ 3x TL Lascannon

3x Thud Gun (9x Crew)
3x Thud Gun (9x Crew)
3x Thud Gun (9x Crew)

Inquisition (Allied Detachment)

Torquemada Coteaz (Warlord)
Inquisitor w. Rad Grenades, Psychotroke Grenades, Level 1 Psyker, 3x Servo Skull


Skyshield Landing Platform

The Las Vegas Open is 1750 points and actually quite restricted so this list could easily have been improved upon with the addition of double FOC, Lords of War and Stronghold Assault. For example add an Aegis Defense Line and Void Shields to protect the blob (they are kind of fragile) plus more intercepting is always a good thing... Let's teach those Tau how to do it right ! Mix in some Basilisks and Manticores to rain more death down upon the enemy with all those Thudd guns because you can never have enough pie plates... The Emperor loves some pie too ! If you do it right there might even be enough points left for Death Cult assassins so you have a counter assault unit to take out any enemy unit that actually makes into combat with the blob.

Funny enough this army was beat in melee by a super uber dark eldar BeaStar combining for the proverbial one two punch with a Wraithknight. The Wraithknight was down to its last 1-2 wounds and went in first to absorb the Overwatch so the BeaStar could nail the coffin.

Fun times in the competitive world of 40k !

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