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Thursday, August 27, 2015

BeakyCon5 Loot !

Here are some of the loot we are handing out this year at BeakyCon5 - these are from Battle Cap Markers and they are super awesome. These are part of the registration fee... Everyone attending get these.

Prize support will also come from Chessex dice and we reached outside of the tournament - the response was tremendous in support - thanks to everyone all over the world who helped out.

This year we are handing out four awesome Fat Mats from Frontline Games. I am a huge supporter of Reecius for all the good things he does for the community.

We will also be handing out some Knight Titan bases from Dragon Forge - they are truly amazing.

We want to give the most prize support ever for a Grand Tournament in the state of Florida and make this a truly special event everyone will always remember and enjoy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DraigoStar Tactica 201 • Casting Psychic Powers

I wrote a tactica not too long ago about casting psychic powers with DraigoStar. I have since accumulated more battle experience and want to update the selection and order of casting psychic powers for this army. DraigoStar is one of the strongest builds for a psychic laden army but when push comes to shove can still lay down the pain without any psychic buffs... Yes they are just that good.

Note that when I mention any Primaris power I always elect to use Psychic Focus for the character which automatically grants an additional psychic power.

Here are my psykers:

+++ Grey Knights +++

Khaldor Draigo (Lord of War) - Level 2 Psyker, Daemonlogy Santic
Draigo's powers are inbuilt. His main power is Gate of Infinity which is one warp charge. If you play it right you'll only need to cast this power once or twice versus most armies. Draigo also has Banishment which is great versus daemons (one warp charge) and he successfully casts it on a 2+. His other two major powers are Force and Hammerhand which are both also one warp charge.

Grey Knight Librarian (HQ) - Level 3 Psyker
You can choose the Librarian's lore - my typical choice is Divination but Telekenesis is also a good one. I equip mine with the Liber Daemonica which allows him to roll for one power from the Santic lore hoping to get Santuary. This wargear also allows Grey Knights to re roll 1s which can be clutch. If you select Divination you automatically get Prescience (two warp charges) which is a backup to the Librarius Conclave. Prescience is one of the most important psychic powers for DraigoStar since it is a huge buff to the Devastator Centurions' shooting and melee.

+++ Librarius Conclave +++

Chief Librarian Tigerius - Level 3 Psyker
You can choose your lore for Tigerius - Telepathy is the obvious choice. You'll get Psychic Shriek (one warp charge) since it's the Primaris power and the odds are very high you'll get Invisibility (two warp charges). Shrouding (one warp charge) is great defense for any enemy shooting that manages to get past Invisibility and can make your Stormraven gunship nigh unkillable if you move into the area of effect. Dominate (one warp charge) is a great malediction that can potentially shut down an enemy unit. Shriek and Dominate both combine well with Terrify (one warp charge) since these psychic powers all are based around enemy leadership.

I select Tigerius as my Warlord because his built-in Warlord Trait Storm of Fire is very powerful. This trait allows you to choose one friendly unit from the same Chapter within 12" and their shooting attack becomes rending. This works well in conjunction with either a Stormraven gunship equipped with Hurricane bolter sponsons or the Devastator Centurions' secondary weapon system (missile launchers or stormbolters).

Librarian #1 - Level 2 Psyker
Go for Divination for Prescience - Tigerius can cast psychic powers on a 2+ due to Empyric Channeling which combined with his ability to re roll is almost automatic. As I said above Prescience is one of the most fundamental psychic powers and you'll want to cast it every turn. The other two really good psychic powers are Perfect Timing (one warp charge) to ignore cover and Misfortune (two warp charges) which is a malediction causing all attacks to be rending versus the chosen enemy unit that turn. Scryer's Gaze (two warp charges) lets you control your reserves and combined which Tigerius' ability to re roll reserves for units from the same faction is a big boon. Forewarning (one warp charge) combined with Sanctuary from the Sanctic lore combines for a 3++ invulnerable save for your deathstar... This combination makes for a great defense and gifts Draigo with a 2++ invulnerable save.

Librarian #2 - Level 2 Psyker
I choose Biomancy in hopes of rolling Endurance (two warp charges). Endurance grants the psyker's unit a 4+ Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior. Life Leech (one warp charge) is another good one since you can restore wounds to your deathstar which is also clutch.

Order of Casting Psychic Powers
0. If you need to Gate cast this first via Draigo. I roll 5-6 dice and sometimes it still fails to go off. This is a great way to bait your opponent to use up their warp pool in the beginning of your own psychic phase.

1. Starting with Tigerius first cast Endurance so your psychic deathstar has the 4+ Feel No Pain... This a great way to mitigate Perils of the Warp. Tigerius can successfully cast level 2 psychic powers on only two dice each.

2. Next cast Invisibility with Tigerius which only requires two to three dice.

3. Next cast Prescience with Tigerius for the re rolls. This will greatly buff any witchfire he later casts such as Life Leech or Psychic Shriek since you can automatically re roll to hit.

4. Cast Force and/or Hammerhand with the Grey Knight Librarian if melee is imminent.

At this point you have cast the Big Three psychic powers and probably depleted your opponent's warp charge pool. If you have other psychic powers you would like to cast with the Librarius Conclave then cast them after step 3 with Tigerius and prior to step 4.

Anti Cullexus Assassin Tactics for DraigoStar

Note - these tactics apply for any army running a high percentage of psykers in your army. DraigoStar has some special issues seeing how this deathstar is basically an infantry unit and it's hard to bubble wrap since your total number of models is small. So there are general tactics and then special tactics... I'll cover both types.

The Cullexus assassin's rules are pretty amazing and some anti psyker is needed for overall game balance. You have to have the right mindset to take them down and fortunately DraigoStar can do it. Keep in mind one model costing only a small percentage of your deathstar will shutdown a lot of your abilities.

Cullexus Assassin Rules
First and foremost learn the rules for the Cullexus assassin. Know the rules inside out. It's only got three wounds, is T4 and has a 4++ invulnerable save... So it's actually quite fragile and can be killed outright via instant death attacks.

It's shooting attack does not ignore cover so if you deploy in terrain you've got a save. I always take a Techmarine so I can bolster the cover save where I deploy. Its shooting attack does not ignore invulnerable saves either so you can tank wounds with Draigo. Also note the Cullexus assassin cannot fire Overwatch.

The Cullexus must move into 12" range for its anti psyker abilities to work which is actually its biggest weakness... Shoot first then assault it. Draigo should issue a challenge so it's melee attacks do not spill over into other friendly models plus all other models in the deathstar can attack it during melee. Volume of attacks is one of the keys to defeating it. The Centurions' chest missile can kill it outright along with the sergeant's twin linked lascannon. Every wound inflicted counts ! I run my GK Librarian with a Nemesis force Daemonhammer which is master crafted - another melee attack that can inflict instant death. My Techmarine has a servo arm and power fist so he can kill it outright as well. Remember the Grav Cannons put out a high rate of fire and you're bound to roll at least a couple sixes to hit. The Grav Amps take care of making sure you inflict some AP2 wounds. Save the Devastator protocol for re rolling to hit with your DevCents too... You'll need it !

Cullexus Assassin Delivery Systems
1) Bastion with escape hatch; this setup gives the assassin a large potential footprint so be very careful.
2) Drop pod; this setup is really good for the assassin as it's pretty much guaranteed to come in right where it needs to be... Again the cover save is your best defense. If you take Inquisitor Coteaz you can intercept the Cullexus which is one of the best defenses and may even serve as a psychological deterrent so much your opponent may even chicken out and deploy beyond its magic 12" anti psy area of affect which effectively negates its annoyance.
3) Stormraven; while the assassin is well protected and highly mobile this setup is points prohibitive.
4) Infilitrate; this setup can be the most effective. A good counter is to spread your deathstar with your psykers in back so they can move beyond its 12" area of anti psy.

Types 2 and 4 are the best delivery systems since they cost the least amount of points and are very effective at getting the assassin where it needs to be.

Using the Rest of your Army
I typically run one Stormraven with a squad of embarked Purifiers whom can paratroop when arriving from reserve and target the Cullexus along with the Stormraven... Those twin linked shots from the Stormraven help plus I always kit it with Hurricane bolters. The twin linked multi-melta can inflict instant death, you've got missiles that can inflict instant death too and there's also the twin linked assault cannon. The Stormraven is very good in this roll since it's very hard for the Cullexus assassin to hide and most of its weapons are twin linked.

Depending on how the Cullexus assassin is deployed you may be able to bubble wrap your deathstar - take care as you don't want to unnecessarily sacrifice them.

Other psychic deathstars such as jetseer council can simply out range the assassin once it's made its move which is not the case for DraigoStar - you must engage it as quickly as possible or use the rest of your army.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Army List Analysis • IronStar [2000]

This army is composed of three separate detachments:

Clan Raukaan - Iron Hands - Allied Detachment
Ravenwing Strike Force - Dark Ahgnels - Formation Detachment
Librarius Conclave - Iron Hands - Formation Detachment

There are two Eternal Warriors and it's an all biker army except for the Darkshroud. Highly mobile, lots of mid ranged fire power and several units are melee centric. The army also has a lot of tricks.

++ Space Marines Supplement - Clan Raukaan ++
Allied Detachment (735)

+ HQ (260) +

Chapter Master (260)
Gifts: The Gorgon’s Chain - Iron Halo
Artificer Armor - Lightning Claw - Thunder Hammer - Bike


The Gorgon’s Chain:

The bearer of the Gorgon’s Chain has the following special rules, depending on how many unsaved Wounds he has suffered during the battle:
Wounds Suffered - Special Rules
0 Wounds suffered - The bearer has a 3+ invulnerable save, +1 to his Feel No Pain rolls and the Eternal Warrior special rule.
1 Wound suffered - The bearer has a 3+ invulnerable save and the Eternal Warrior special rule.
2 Wounds suffered - The bearer has a 3+ invulnerable save.
3 Wounds suffered - The bearer has a 4+ invulnerable save.

Each time the bearer suffers an unsaved Wound or recovers a Wound as a result of the It Will Not Die special rule, the effects of the Gorgon’s Chain change immediately; you should roll the bearer’s saves individually.

+ Elites (275) +

Command Squad (275)
Company Standard - 4x Melta Bombs - 4x Storm Shield - 4x Grav Gun - Bikes


Company Standard:
Friendly units within 12" of the bearer, drawn from the same Chapter, re-roll failed Morale checks, Pinning tests and Fear tests.

+ Troops (200) +

Bike Squad (200)
Attack Bike - Multi-Melta (W:2)
Biker Sergeant - Combi-Grav - Melta Bombs
2x Space Marine Biker
2x Space Marine Biker w/ Grav Gun


++ Dark Angels Ravenwing Strike Force ++ (920)

+ Fast Attack (510) +

Ravenwing Bike Squad (215)
4x Ravenwing Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Ravenwing Attack Bike - Multi-Melta (W:2)
Ravenwing Sergeant - Melta Bombs

Ravenwing Bike Squad (215)
4x Ravenwing Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Ravenwing Attack Bike - Multi-Melta (W:2)
Ravenwing Sergeant - Melta Bombs


Grim Resolve - Hammer of Wrath - Hit & Run - Jink
Outflank - Ravenwing - Relentless - Scout

Ravenwing Darkshroud (80) - Heavy Bolter

Deep Strike - Fear - Icon of old Caliban - Jink - Outflank
Ravenwing - Scout - Shrouded - Stealth

BS:4|Front:10|Side:10|Rear:10|HP:3|Type:Fast, Skimmer

+ Elites (210) +

Ravenwing Command Squad (210)
4x Black Knight
Ravenwing Company Banner - 2x Ravenwing Grenade Launcher

Grim Resolve - Hammer of Wrath - Hit & Run - Jink - Outflank - Rad Charge
Ravenwing - Relentless - Rending - Scout - Skilled Rider - Stasis Anomaly


Ravenwing Company Banner:
Automatically pass hit&run tests and roll 4D6 for distance rather than 3D6. All friendly models within 12" reroll failed moral-, fear- or pinning tests.

+ HQ (200) +

Sammael (200) - Iron Halo

Grim Resolve - Jink - Outflank - Ravenwing - Scout - Skilled Rider

Corvex (Jetbike) - Plasma Cannon - Twin Linked Storm Bolter
Raven Sword

Eternal Warrior - Fearless - Gets Hot - Hatred (Chaos Space Marines) - Hit & Run


Warlord Trait: Rapid Maneuver
Your Warlord, and any unit he joins, can either roll 2 dice when they run, using the highest roll, or can add D6" to any Turbo-boost they make (or Flat Out move, in the case of Master Sammael on his Land Speeder).

++ Space Marines Librarius Conclave ++
Formation Detachment (345)

Chapter Tactics - Iron Hands

Empyric Channelling

Librarian (115)
Mastery Level 2
Force Axe - Melta Bombs- Space Marine Bike

Librarian (115)
Mastery Level 2
Force Axe - Melta Bombs- Space Marine Bike

Librarian (115)
Mastery Level 2
Force Axe - Melta Bombs- Space Marine Bike


Psychic Hood:
Each Time a unit (or model) is targeted by an enemy psychic power and is within 12" of a frieldly model with a psychic hood, the wearer may attempt to deny the witch as if he were in the unit.

++ Roster Rules ++

Chapter Tactics: Machine Empathy: (Codex: Space Marines)

Chapter Tactics: The Flesh is Weak: (Codex: Space Marines)

First Huntsman (Ravenwing Strike Force):
May reroll your roll on the Warlords Trait table.

March of the Ancients: (Supplement: Clan Raukaan)

Objective Secured (Allied Detachment)

Speed of the Raven (Ravenwing Strike Force):
On the first turn of the unit, units count as jinking if they moved flat-out or turbo-boosted. May fire their weapons normally in the following turn.

Strike as One (Ravenwing Strike Force):
All units in this Ravenwing Strike Force must be placed either in reserve or deployed as normal. When placed in reserve, all units automatically arrive in your 2nd turn.

++ Selection Rules ++

At the start of the Fight sub-phase, a unit in base contact with this model must take a Fear test. If the test is failed then the unit has it's WS reduced to 1 for the remainder of the sub-phase.

Grim Resolve:
A model with this rule has Stubborn and therefore ignores negative Leadership modifiers. In addition they may never choose to fail a morale check. Allows overwatch to be resolved at BS2.

Hammer of Wrath:
On the turn this unit charges into combat they get an Initiative 10 automatic hit at their unmodified Strength for each model with this rule.

Hatred (Chaos Space Marines):
Reroll all misses in the first round of each close combat.

Hit & Run:
Take an Initiative test at the end of the assault phase, if successful choose a direction and roll 3D6, move that far ignoring all models in base contact. If this would take you within 1" of another unit, stop 1" away. Ignore Difficult Terrain, but make Dangerous Terrain tests normally. Enemy units left makes an immediate D6" consolidation.

Icon of old Caliban:
All friendlies within 6" have Fear and Stealth. Units beginning their assault phase within 6" are not subjective to Overwatch.

Rad Charge:
On a to-wound roll of 6, two wounds are caused independent from the targets toughness.

Stasis Anomaly:
Every model of a unit hit by one or more weapons with this special rule suffers a -1 penalty to their Weapon Skill and Initiative, to a minimum of 1, until the end of the turn.

Counts it's cover save as 1 point better than normal (Combines with Shrouded)

Swift Vengeance:
Sammael may fire up to two weapons.