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Sunday, March 29, 2015

BATREP - White Scars & Space Wolves (w. Thunderwolfs) vs. Eldar & Dark Eldar

Here's a mini Batrep from my first round at a local rtt versus a really good eldar-dark eldar player. Sorry but no pictures. :(

My list...

- White Scars
Chapter Master - bike - artificer armor - shield eternal - power fist - auspex

Librarian - Level 2 (telepathy) - bike - force axe - meltabombs

Command squad - bikes - chapter banner - power fist - 4x stormshield - 4x grav gun

4x SM biker - 2x grav gun
Sergeant - meltabombs
Attack bike - multi-melta

4x SM biker - 2x grav gun
Sergeant - meltabombs
Attack bike - multi-melta

- Space Wolves (CoF)
Wolf Lord - Thunderwolf - runic armor - stormshield - thunderhammer

Rune Priest Level 2 (divination) - bike - runic armor - force axe - meltabombs

Iron Priest - Thumderwolf - Cyberwolf

Iron Priest - bike - Cyberwolf

9x Grey Hunter - 2x meltagun - power axe
Wolf Guard - stormshield - frost axe
Drop pod

My opponent's list:

Spiritseer - Level 2

5x Wraithguard
Wave Serpent - holofield - scatter laser - shuriken cannon

5x Wraithguard
Wave Serpent - same as above



5x Talos (Corpsethief formation)

I roll up Invisibility and Perfect Timing... :D

I got Master of Ambush for my warlord trait but decided not to use it.

Deployment is Dawn of War and I go first. Mission is kill points with FB, StWL and LB. Opponent fails to seize.

Deathstar is all the characters attached to the command squad. I deploy 12" up in the middle and hide my two biker squads behind LoS blocking terrain.

Opponent deploys both WK and the Talos all hugging terrain.

First turn drop pod comes and I place it back in my deployment zone... They'll have a picnic this game... :D

Deathstar moves up 12" towards closest WK. Biker squads chill behind terrain.

Psychic phase I successfully cast Invisibility and Perfect Timing. Command squad grav guns unload into WK and smoke it for FB.

Talos move up to attempt a charge but fail by a couple inches... :D Remaining WK shoots the drop pod stripping one hull point.

2nd turn deathstar backs away from Talos just inside of grav gun range. Biker squads continue to chill. I successfully cast Perfect Timimg again but not Invisibility. Command squad unloads grav guns into Talos dropping two.

Serpent with the Spiritseer arrives from reserve. Wraithgusrd disembark to shoot their cannons at my deathstar. Chapter Master tanks all the wounds. Talos try to charge again but fall short by an inch this time... :D Remaining WK wrecks the drop pod.

3rd turn deathstar lines up to multi chsrge Wraithguard and serpent. Biker squads come out from hiding turbo boosting up to midfield. I successfully cast Invisibility then try to shriek tue Wraithguard but it's denied. I fire tue bolters into the Wraithguard dropping a couple then charge in and wipe them all out picking up StWL.

Second serpent fails to arrive. Talos are about 18" away from my deathstar... Opponent decides not to go for the assault. Remaining WK picks off one Grey Hunter.

4th turn bikers and deathstar all converge on Talos. Again I successfully cast Invisibility and Perfect Timing. Grav guns followed by the assault finish off the Talos.

Second serpent auto arrives and makes a move across the table for LB (turbo boosting). WK picks off another Grey Hunter.

Fifth turn my opponent concedes after taking out tue Grey Hunters with combined shooting from serpent, Wraithguard and WK.

So I end up winning 8-2. The Wolf Lord and Iron Priest on Thunderwolves did awesome - the S10 was huge versus both the WK and Talos in assault. I'm really digging this list.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Khorne Daemonkin Codex Review

So I have read most of the codex, had some time to think about it and discuss it with another fellow World Eater. Keep in mind nothing I say here is meant to be negative and I am planning to play Khorne again. Here are the salient points:

It looks like overall GW doesn't want to redesign Chaos. All of the units in the codex are the same as existing and there are no new units. This codex is a way for GW to repackage what they already have to increase sales. There are some new rules which can be useful though.

If you like to play Khorne this is as good as it's going to get for awhile.

I see potential using this codex to select a small combined arms detachment to work with one to two more detachments outside of Daemonkin - Chaos Space Marines (CSM) and Chaos Daemons. You can design a well themed army that is competitive.

I don't think Daemonkin got the points breaks like other new codices released for both sixth and seventh edition but oh well by selecting the right units you'll be okay.

My vision of a competitive Khorne army is one that can quickly and reliably get stuck into mėlee. You can do it which is what you really want - Khorne is all about mėlee... Blood for the Blood God and some big skulls mounted on the wall !!!

I want to field an army that revolves around heavy cavalry supported by the Greater Brass Scorpion for fire support. Daemonkin are fearless therefore you can do the following:

— Attach a CSM independent character to a squad of Daemonkin; e.g., Chaos Lord mounted on a Juggernaught attached to Bloodcrushers

— Attach a Daemonkin Herald to a CSM squad; e.g., Herald attached to a squad of Berserkers

This point is the strongest thing going for Daemonkin and no other Chaos power can do it. It's truly something new and can be utilized to design a competitive army that can go head to head with the likes of eldar spamming wave serpents and Wraightknights. If you can't efficiently handle either you've got a problem from a tournament perspective. I'm not looking to exploit the codex such as running eight Maulerfiends but I want to be able to run with the big boys too.

If you can see where I'm going with this we see eye to eye. I will post a sample army list once the codex is officially released. The special detachments and formations aren't doing much for me because of the tax involved - that is I don't want to run Possessed or even cultists. If all this seems a bit hazy I think once I post a list it will all become quite clear. Pure Khorne is very simple.