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Blood Vow

Happiness is success... (Buddha)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tactical Analysis • The Water Element of Fire

Fire burns. Water is cool. They are opposite ends of the spectrum but share some things. Water can be super heated to steam but fire can't be frozen. I tend to play armies that represent fire but I know how to switch gears when necessary such as weathering a storm or lulling an opponent into a false sense of security. Water dissolves while fire burns but one tidal wave can wreck more havoc than most people are ever aware. Mother Nature can be your worst nightmare... Think about all those times the dice flat out robbed you. It happens now and then - the best you can do is be prepared. Success is 90 percent preparation and 10 percent performance.

Some things are really easy but most anything worthwhile is very hard to come by in this world and that's why so often I say practice practice practice. Practice in your sleep.

Water carries weight while fire is etheric - pure energy. A fire can only last for so long while water is always here. Both have balance and that is a key to understanding how to harness the power. Both elements can be controlled for purpose or left unchecked wrought great destruction. Neither can be converted to the other and they cancel each other out. The intrinsic properties are much like matter and anti matter... Always interesting when they collide.

Fire burns.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Round 5 • Thunder & Lightning vs. Tyranids • SoFlo GT (Miami)

So the third game my record was 1 W and 1 L... Not great but still a good chance to win something if I could win some more. My third round opponent Luis had a TAC Tyranid list - two dakka Flyrants, two dakkafexen (each an independent brood), two Malenthropes (each an independent brood), Hive Crone, Harpy, 2-3 ripper swarms, 2 Mawlocs and Deathleaper. Obviously the FMCs can pose a problem for my army since I have no dedicated anti-air.

The primary objectives were a mix between holding objective markers at the end of the game and modified Maelstrom.

My typical approach to this type of list is first focus on killing all the ground units then force the FMCs to go to glide mode to grab objective markers towards the end of the game then nail them. I have had success with this strategy but for some reason I strayed from my game plan and overly focused on trying to shoot down the Flyrants - both of which had only one wound left at the end of the game and passed every grounding check called upon to make. I think that what happened was as follows - I got the infiltrating warlord trait but Luis won the roll off to infiltrate first and did so with the Deathleaper which pushed back my infiltrating units losing that potential advantage.

I was able to quickly eliminate both Mawlocs the turns they arrived (piecemeal). Overall this was my bad dice game losing my Librarian early to Perils and he had rolled up Invisibility... That really hurt. The Grey Hunters missed a charge versus the Crone by an inch which was really big too.

I do think this is a game I could have potentially won if I had focused on first killing the enemy ground units like I said above rather than waste a lot of fire power snap shooting the two Flyrants. I was able to salvage a good chunk of points the last turn though so it was a minor loss.

Next game is a full batrep for my fifth game versus a really nasty ork that finished in fifth place overall.

Blood Angels INBOUND !!!